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Our Tax professionals are experienced in dealing with tax problems. Since we keep a close relationship with clients, we can provide solutions for different tax matters occurring in the developing market. Our services include:
1. Special Examination of Final Settlement of Income Tax
2. Special Examination of Property Damage Report
3. Verification of Exemption of Business Tax for Technique and Trade Income
4. Examination of Deduction and Exemption of Purchasing China-Made Equipments
5. Tax Planning
6. Tax Consultancy and Daily Professional Service
7. Professional Assistant in Hedge, Such As Tax Communication and Tax Law, Etc.
8. Agent for Declaration of Individual Income Tax
9. Agent for Declaration of Corporate Tax
10. Assistant in Dealing with Tax Disputes
11. Provide and Carry Out the Tax Plan for Corporate Combination, Separation, and Reorganization
12. Assistant in Making Multinational and International Tax Plan
13. Other Tax Services



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